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SHEN – Sydney Home Education Network

Ceramics club

Hi everyone, there's a Ceramics club group building up on Tuesday 10:30am- 12:30 in Earlwood. There are 3 spots available. The course will run for 4 weeks starting on May 31st. Children aged 8-12 Carers welcome to participate.


Ceramics Club for kids and teens Term 3

We are an intimate small home studio that aims to create a relaxed and fun space respectul of children's learning processes. This is a weekly event. Please contact Vicky directly.  

Ceramics Club for kids and teens Term 4

The immense imaginary world of children finds such a versatile medium as clay to become an object through their actions. What we'll do: Children will have the opportunity to understand how ceramics works and experience its processes together. They will create their way into forms by using the electric wheel and through different handbuilding techniques:… Read More »Ceramics Club for kids and teens Term 4