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SHEN – Sydney Home Education Network

plan ahead

  • Check the events page on the SHEN website, the SHEN facebook group and your SHEN newsletter for notices of upcoming events.
  • Once you’ve chosen an event, check your diary and confirm the date and time are available.
  • Confirm that your children are the appropriate age. Check to see if younger children can attend if you need to.
  • Check the event notice for payment details. You may need to pre-pay to secure your booking.
  • Confirm the final date for cancellation without penalty, in case you need to cancel your booking.
  • Contact the event organiser to book and pay.
  • Enter the event in your diary or calendar and set reminders if you need to!
  • Share your plans with home schooling friends by word of mouth and on social media. Events are always more fun with your crew.
  • The day before the event, check the event details to make sure you arrive on time and bring everything you need.
  • Sign the booking sheet as soon as you arrive.
  • Enjoy the day!