The Home Education Association Inc (HEA) is a national association of home educators that supports and promotes home education in Australia.

The original purpose of HEA was to facilitate the ability of home educators to access insurance policies, that would be otherwise unavailable to home educators. Since its beginning in 2001 the HEA has grown to be Australia’s largest home education association with members in every state of Australia and now provides many other benefits to members.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Free access to Public Liability insurance cover for your events
  • Free access to our group work experience cover for your students doing work experience
  • Free HEA products/downloads – including the Registration Packs!
  • Access to our group subscription discounts
  • Discounts from suppliers that offer special deals to HEA members
  • Telephone support service
  • Student ID Cards
  • Vote in the March AGM
  • Registration support

HEA directly and indirectly supports SHEN and other groups by providing insurance and other forms of support. It is HEA membership that allows HEA to offer these services that strengthen, support and promote the home education community in Sydney and throughout Australia. HEA is a non-profit, volunteer association. By joining HEA you’ll receive the benefits that come along with it and you’ll also be supporting the home educating community of Australia.

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