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SHEN – Sydney Home Education Network

Education Perfect in Partnership with SHEN

Education Perfect for Home gives you access to a full range of over 35,000+ curriculum aligned lessons for up to five children, across all key subjects, from years 5-12 (stages 3-6)*.

As an EP parent, you have the ability to track every question, task and assessment completed and plan the day to fit your individual goals. They have also reduced their full price down from $1200 a year to just $300 per year or $30 per month. (SHEN Members get a further discount!)

It’s now 10% off for SHEN members! Membership runs per calendar year, full cost is $300 and SHEN members access it for $270, by entering the code “SHEN2021” in the sign up form. SHEN members can access direct support from EP’s Homeschooling Community Leader Tim Offen, see below.

To learn more and start a free trial, click here.

Check out how EP aligns to the NSW Curriculum here:

For help getting started, schedule a personal demo with EP’s Homeschooling Community Leader, Tim:  Schedule a demo here or send him an email:

*English, Maths and Science for stages 3-6; History, Geography, Commerce and PDHPE from stages 4-5; and Civics and Digital Technology stage 4.

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