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Online Japanese / Mandarin Lessons for Kids and Teens

Asian Language School provides structured programs for kids and teens to learn Japanese or Chinese Mandarin languages. Lessons are conducted online via Zoom application. Children can video chat with their teacher and interact with other students in group classes. They can also study 1-to-1 by themselves or with their siblings.

All our teachers are teaching professionals in Australia who hold degrees in education or language teaching. Our lessons are engaging and fun to motivate children to continue learning the language. We focus on building students’ conversational skills in Japanese or Chinese.

Japanese and Chinese language programs for primary school level are taught once a week for eight weeks during term periods. The complete programs take three and four years respectively to study. Japanese for Kids and Chinese for Kids help students develop a strong foundation in the target language, coupled with cultural knowledge.

We have a separate program for secondary school level. Japanese for Teens and Chinese for Teens are taught once a week for ten weeks during term periods. The complete programs take ten terms to study. The secondary school level program is designed to build students’ fluency in the target language, including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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