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SHEN Swimming Carnival 2 April 2019 CHANGED DETAILS, PLEASE READ (bookings close 1 April 2019)

April 2 @ 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

$11.00 – $18.00

Hi everyone

Due to further feedback, I have changed a number of things including adding in fun swim time for non-competitive swimmers in the 25m pool and certificates being given for runners-up and certificates of participation being given to every competitor. 

Location: Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre at Church St, Lidcombe. ( 10mins walk from Lidcombe train station)

Date and Time: Tuesday 2nd April 2019, arrive at 9:30am to register, 10am sharp start; finish between 1-2pm depending on race times and participant numbers.

Ticket Prices: Non-SHEN: $18.00; SHEN members: $13.00; Large family discount (family of 3+ children) per child: $11.00


Based on feedback, I have decided to add extra fun events. There will still be competitive swimming events for those swimmers that wish to participate, but I will also have a few fun games and races for those who are not competitive and would prefer to just have a swim and a bit of fun!

The event will be held in three sections, competitive, fun in the 25m pool and novelty races for the younger kids in the program pool.

1. Competitive Swimming Age Races (25m and 50m) held in the 25m 6-lane indoor lap pool

  • Freestyle
  • Breaststroke
  • Backstroke
  • Butterfly
  • Team Relay (4 laps of 25m, all 4 strokes above – for 12 yrs+)


  1. Girls and boys will swim together but results recorded separately.
  2. There will be certificates given out to male and female 1st, 2nd and 3rd Age Champions on the day.
  3. Certificates of participation for all entrants and Individual event 1st, 2nd and 3rd certificates will be emailed out after the event – the printing costs are high and the time we have for presentation will be too short to hand them all out on the day.
  4. “Age” is the age your child is at the time of the carnival – if your child would prefer to swim in the older age bracket (e.g. they are 10 turning 11, and would like to swim with the 11 year old group) then they certainly may, and you can either put that in the ticket or they must let us know when they are arriving.
  5. We have limited time to hire the pool so everyone needs to be alert and aware of which race is coming next. We cannot re-run a race if your child missed their age group, so please listen carefully to instructions from those doing marshalling. I will send through a list of running order but cannot judge what time particular races will be on since we don’t know how long they will take or how many will be swimming in the heats. We will run heats of each age group event of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and hopefully butterfly and team relays if we  have time. The FUN in the 25m Pool will happen between stroke styles (i.e. after all of the freestyle races, we will 30mins of Fun in the Pool, followed by backstroke, 30mins of Fun in the Pool, breaststroke and so on.)
  6. Please make your children aware that finals participants will be judged by their TIME not their PLACING in the heats: e.g. if your child places 1st in their heat, but swimmers in the following heats swim faster, your child will not place – I know this may seem a bit harsh or unfair, but it is how competitive swimming races are run. There will not be finals races since we are pressed for time. In the heats, competitors are encouraged to swim their fastest!
  7. Help will still be required by parents or teens on the day to time the races, help with marshalling and running the program pool events – I have some volunteers already, but they will want to have a break and watch their children swim too!
  8. There will be no allocated lunch break. Swimmers are expected to snack lightly and drink water between events – no big meals please – we don’t want upset tummies in the pools!

2. Fun in the 25m Pool for non-competitive swimmers

  • Pool noodle races
  • Baggy T-shirt relay
  • Team water polo!
  • Any other games that everyone comes up with!
  • Fun in the 25m pool! will run between competitive races all day so that no one misses out if they are competitively swimming as well. 🙂

3. Novelty Races (for non-competitive/younger swimmers) held in the Program Pool next to the 25m pool

  • The novelty races are supposed to be more fun than competitive! We will need help from teens and/or parents to help run them on the day. The ideas we have so far are:
    • Pool noodle races/relays
    • Large ball races/relays
    • Kickboard races/relays
    • Baggy shirt races
    • Balloon races
    • Make a raft out of pool noodles… other suggestions for races and games are welcome!


  • Please have your children arrive wearing their swimmers under their clothes to save time changing before the start.
  • While in the pool complex, the normal pool safety rules apply – no running, diving, jumping etc. Races will be started IN THE POOL, not by diving – the pool is only 1m-1.2m deep.
  • On arrival, everyone will enter via the front entrance. Parents will pay a spectator fee of $3.80. You will then come over to the 25m pool to sign the SHEN insurance register and collect your child/ren’s wristband with name and age written on it.
  • The carnival tickets allow access to the areas we have hired ONLY – the 25m pool and the program pool. Management has instructed us that if you or your children would like access to the rest of the pool complex including the recreation pool and the splash pad, you must buy a standard entry ticket for your child at the front entry on arrival. Your children must be supervised if they are leaving the hired areas.
  • There is a kiosk/cafe where you may purchase food on the day or please feel free to bring your own food and drinks.
  • Sunscreen, hats and water bottles are required if you wish to use the outdoor areas.
  • When purchasing your ticket, please fill in your child’s name and age and select which races they may like to compete in – if they decide to pull out on the day, that’s fine.
  • I still require volunteers to help with timing and helping run the program pool games. f you are able to offer yours, or your teen’s help on the day, please email me at This event requires your volunteered help to run smoothly – we are not using a third party organiser this year!
  • If you have any other questions about the day please email me at the same address or call me on 0404 130 901. If you have questions about the venue, please contact Auburn Aquatic Centre on 9749 5031.

Looking forward to seeing you all! If you know other people that aren’t on the SHEN list and may like to register for the event, please pass it along! Deb Hamwood, Organiser.


Deb Hamwood