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Friday Co-Op (Maroubra)

October 14 @ 10:30 am - 2:00 pm

$6 – $18

Held in Maroubra Junction, this term, the co-op consists of 4 activities.
Greek Dancing (30min)
Tina, a professional Greek dancing teacher will teach the children how to perform various Greek dances.
Video of Greek Daning
Cost $12 per student ($108/term)
Skylarks Choir (30 min)
Skylarks is a choir for home educated children and their parents. 
Whist we value learning music for music’s sake, singing offers a plethora of learning opportunities. Lyrics in music play an integral role in singing and their meaning will be incorporated in rehearsals. This may be about animals, geography, history, feelings and so much more.
Musical notation and various concepts of music and the context from which the music was composed will be observed and mentioned. If you already read music or play a musical instrument, your valuable contribution will be welcomed. If are happy to, your assistance to those who may require it would be well received.
At the end of the year, there will be concert to showcase the musical items learnt throughout the year.
Stephanie, a homeschooling mother, conductor and musical director holds a Bachelor of Music from Sydney Conservatorium of Music and has been directing choirs since 2003 having sung in many choirs herself.
Maria, the piano accompanist has taught piano for over 3 decades holding a Masters degree in Music from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
Cost First student: $7 per week ($56 /term), Second and subsequent students: $6 per week ($48 / term)
NB: Parents and children 4 and under are welcome to participate at no charge

NB 2: There will be no choir in Week 8 (2ndDecember), totalling 8 weeks


Spanish with Corina (20 to 30min)
Corina, a native Spanish teacher and homeschooling mother.
Through the singing of songs, playing of games and reading of books including discussing of vocabulary, Corina will visit various topics such as greetings, colours, numbers, parts of the body, feelings, weather and family.  
For each topic, children will see printed lyrics and Corina will provide links to the songs so children can practice during the week should they wish.
Each week, the session will run between 20 and 30 min, depending on the children.
Cost $6 per child per week ($48/term)
NB: Spanish will commence in Week 2 (21st October), totalling of 8 weeks
Capoeira Arunda (50min)
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art developed by African slaves living in Brazil’s slave houses in the 1700’s and 1800’s. Capoeiristas stand shoulder to shoulder forming a circle within which the players enter to play the game. Those forming the circle keep cadence with their clapping. During the game, each player uses only the hands, feet and head which typically are the only parts of the body permitted to touch the floor. 
A typical class looks like this:
Warm up: gentle, full body warm-up to prepare for the movements of the class
Technique practice: In lines and with partners, learning the kicks, transitions and evasions
Acrobatics practice: beginning with ‘simple’ movements like bananeira (handstands) and au (cartwheels) and progressing into more complex movements over time
Jogo: the actual game of Capoeira itself. In pairs in the centre of the roda (circle of the people) students will practice playing capoeira freely
Cool down and stretching
Music Practice: learning to play capoeira instruments and traditional Capoeira songs
End of class: Pack up and questions
Video of Capoeira
More Information


Cost $18 per child per week ($162/term)



10.30 – 11 – Greek Dancing (30min)

11-11.10 – Changeover Break (10min)
11.10 – 11.40 – Skylarks Choir (30min)
11.40am – 12.20 – Lunch Break (40min)
12.20pm-12.50pm – Spanish (30min)
12.50-1pm – 10min Change over break (10min)

1pm-2pm – Capoeira (60min – 50 min class and 10min pack up at end)

Your child does not need to participate in all activities
14, 21, 28 October
4, 11, 18, 25 November
2, 9 December 
(total 9 weeks)
Confirmation and Payment
Please confirm your child’s place in the group/s by replying to this email stating the following:
  • Name of the child/children
  • Activity/ies in which they will be participating
  • Total cost paid (so we can reference the account)
Please make payment to the following account
Name: F McGowan

BSB: 082991

Account: 410481628

Description: Your Child’s Name

St John’s Anglican Church
339A Maroubra Road, 
Maroubra 2031
There is plenty of free and unlimited street parking on Maroubra Road
Waiting Parents
Feel free to wait either outside on the grass area, undercover out the front, or you are welcome to sit in to watch the session. Should you wish to sit in the hall, keeping conversation to a minimum would be greatly appreciated. 
For insurance purposes, during our time at the venue (both inside and outside) your child remains your responsibility and you are required to be on the premises during the duration of the session unless you have made arrangements with another parent to care for your child.

Herbal Tea

The wonderful Fiona will be offering herbal tea for a gold coin donation. Money raised will go toward further musical opportunities for the group.

Christmas Concert/Family BBQ
In early December, we will have our End of Year Christmas Concert (date yet to be confirmed) where we will showcase the activities conducted this year (Terms 2, 3 and 4) as well as give students who learn musical instruments, do speech and drama etc, the opportunity to perform, should they wish. So, if you would like to participate, it’s time to start getting organised. The concert will be held later afternoon/early evening so family and friends can attend. Parents, feel free to join in the concert – the children can’t be the only ones having fun.