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Amgen Biotech Lab Class at Sydney University

May 17 @ 10:00 am - May 20 @ 3:00 pm

Amgen Biotech Lab Class at Sydney University for

Year 10-12 Students with 3 Pre-lab Training Sessions

(DNA, Cell Biology, Biotechnology)

For the first time HS students will have the opportunity to attend these fascinating four day series of biotechnology lab classes using research-grade equipment. They will be able to do a genetic engineering project as it would be done by a medical company producing insulin in bacteria to treat diabetes. The Amgen Biotech Lab is a year 10-12 school curriculum that allows students to do real-world biotech experiments ( It will introduce them to the excitement of scientific discovery and may spark their interest in a science career.


What: A four day Amgen biotech lab class for Y10-12 students

When: Monday 5th to Thursday 8th of November 10am-3pm

Where: University of Sydney, Eveleigh

Costs: $50 SHEN or HEA members; $55 Non-SHEN and Non-HEA members

Prerequisites: To get everybody to the level of molecular biology and laboratory and safety skills used during the labs, the following workshops taught by Isabell must be attended:

1.) DNA Lab – term 1 (4h hands-on lab, $30, sibling discounts $27 and $24)

     Thursday 12/04, Marrickville and possibly one in Coogee

2.) Cell Biology Lab – term 2 (4h hands-on lab $30, sibling discounts $27, $24)

    Thursday 17/05, Marrickville and possibly one in Coogee

and in planning 3.) Biotechnology Lab at the beginning of term 4

Additionally, Isabell offers great support, science resources and related excursions throughout the year.

Attending the workshops is a prerequisite for attending the University of Sydney Amgen Lab. Please email Isabell to book your child into the 3 workshops and the Amgen Lab providing your child’s name and year level.


What a previous student said: “This experience was extremely beneficial to help us apply the knowledge we have to real-world situations. It was unexpectedly interesting and highly enjoyable. I hope many schools around Australia have the privilege to experience this.”

University of Sydney

Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh Australia