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SHEN – Sydney Home Education Network

Catherine Sanchez

I'm passionate about alternative forms of education which meet children and family's needs in flexible, connected and engaging ways.  I have particular skills and enthusiasm when it comes to: all areas of the arts, environmental connection and care, communication/relating skills, social justice, meditation and self-reflection, outdoor adventures and trying new things. I completed my Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Primary Education (majoring in anthropology) in 2016. Prior to my degree I gained extensive experience in pre-school and long day care environments. For the past 4 years I've worked closely with the Young family (Lou & Will with kids Dexter, Hugo & Martha Rose) providing support in general homeschooling, tailored tutoring and in-home childcare needs. You may have met me or seen me around at homeschooling events on Tuesdays or at SHRIMPS at McNeilly park on Thursdays over the years. My own educator's Hippocratic oath First, I will do no harm - physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual. I will act with respect and kindness towards every child I am privileged to care for. I will remain curious about all ways of living and learning. I will keep my own love of learning alive, seeking out new experiences, perspectives and understandings. I will do my utmost to ensure the children I have responsibility to retain and foster their creativity, individual interests and talents, self-understanding and their connection to the community and lands in which they live. I will be open to constructive feedback from children, parents and colleagues. I will teach within a global context, for the good of all. I will teach environmental responsibility as a grounding for all actions. I will invest in connection with every child and their loved ones. I will invest in my own wellbeing for I know that when I am not my best, I am less equipped to support others to be their best. I will honor the needs of each child. I will listen to understand, rather than respond. I will never use shame as a strategy for control, to make my own life easier in the moment. I will always value experience, connection and critique over dogma. I will model the behaviour I expect. I will reflect on my teaching practice honestly and ongoing. I will have consistently high expectations and consistent empathetic understanding when expectations are not met. I will teach what really matters. I will teach with an open mind and open heart.