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Senior ANSTO Excursion for Year 8-12 and ANSTO Lab – Chemistry Workshop

June 20 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

= Only a few spots left. Priority will be given to students attending the accompanying chemistry workshop =
1.) Senior ANSTO Excursion for Year 8-12:
What: Year 8-12 ANSTO Excursion (stages 5&6)
When: Thursday the 4th of July at 11am-2:30pm
Costs: $12/student, parents are free – they need a confirmed seat in the tour bus
Where: ANSTO – Sydney, New Illawarra Rd, Lucas Heights NSW 2234

Details: (3.5 hours) : A 45 minute interactive lecture, then students can participate in radiation experiment demonstrations and conduct short experiments for 1 hour, a 1.5 hour tour of ANSTO’s research facilities, including the OPAL research reactor, the Neutron Guide Hall, and the ANTARES and STAR linear accelerators.

2.) Chemistry Workshop:
What: Year 8-12 ANSTO Lab – Chemistry Workshop
When: Thursday the 20th of June at 11am-2pm
Costs: $33 for the first child, discounted $30 for the second+ child
Where: At Isabell’s house in 190 Beach St, Coogee (corner of Neptune and Beach St)

Details: Dr Isabell Dahlke will prepare the students for the ANSTO excursion with her chemistry workshop with lots of hands-on activities and experiments focusing on Fundamental and Nuclear Chemistry. They will be make models of the first elements of the periodic table, play a periodic table game and address the following questions: what are atoms made of? What are isotopes? What is radioactivity? What is fusion and fission? Then they will play a half-life game. The senior group students will also simulate fusion, fission and initiate a chain reaction.

The excursion will be for Year 8 to year 12 students and their parents. The tour now costs $12 per student and is free for parents – they still have to reserve a seat in the tour bus. Everybody will arrive in our own cars. Isabell is happy to organize car sharing that everybody can get there easily. And parents with smaller kids are allowed to sit in the cafe during the tour (and can even join the interactive presentation).

Please book your child (and yourself) in by emailing Isabell (