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Blue Mountains – High-school program Term 3

23-July-2019 @ 11:40 am - 1:10 pm

$95.00 – $104.00

Blue Mountains – High-school level program Term 3 2019: The history of the industrial revolution: technology and society

Join Jane and Yvette for nine weeks of exploring history during the time of the industrial revolution. Classes take place in the small meeting room at the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre in Lawson on Tuesdays from 11:40-13:10. There will be no class on the 13th August 2019 and on the 3rd September 2019 the class will start at 12noon. The cost is $95.00 for HEN members and $104.00 for non-HEN members (includes insurance donation).

The following is a tentative schedule for Term 3.

  • Week 1 (23rd July 2019) : This first week, we examine the concepts of archaeology and history, and identify the differences between the two and between the people who pursue them (i.e. archaeologists and historians). We create a sequential outline of the different periods of human development and see where the industrial revolution fits in. Then everyone (individually or as a group) chooses their favourite time period and tells us as much as they know about it.
  • Week 2 (30th July 2019) : Today, we talk about the industrial revolution, we define the period and look at its evolution across the world. What were the inventions of the industrial revolution that shaped and impacted on society: on the way people lived and worked? We examine what inventions defined this period and take a closer look at a few of them.
  • Week 3 (6th August 2019) : Weaving cloth has been done for ages, we look at the history of weaving, how the industrial revolution changed the production of cloth, and what this meant for the weavers. Throughout history there were numerous weavers´ uprisings protesting work conditions. We learn about several works of literature that concern themselves with weavers’ uprising, including Emilé Zola´s Germinal and Heinrich Heine´s The Silesian Weavers. This will include watching sections of Germinal films.
  • No class on 13th August 2019.
  • Week 4 (20th August 2019) : Today, we explore the society of England during the industrial revolution. What were the means of production? We look at the period prior to, then the early and finally the later stages of the industrial revolution exploring how they changed and how this impacted society. What did peoples’ lives look like, from the early to the late industrial revolution period? We briefly introduce a few authors who critically reflected on their times.
  • Week 5 (27th August 2019) : This week is dedicated to industrial revolution literature. After a broader discussion on the period’s literature, we focus on one of Charles Dickens’s works (partially through film) and examine where it fits in during the industrialisation process, which historical events might have occurred during its story line. Is this at all relatable to our modern times?
  • Week 6 (3rd September 2019) : (Note, different times 12noon-1:30pm!) One of the greatest game changers during the industrial revolution was the steam engine. Steam engines had a huge impact on production. We learn about the history of steam engines, the way they work, have a demonstration of a real model steam engine and see where they were (and still are) used.
  • Week 7 (10th September 2019) : Role play with Yvette: How childhood has changed
  • Week 8 (17th September 2019) : Role play with Yvette: Australia and industrial revolution
  • Week 9 (24th September 2019) :  In our last week, we concern ourselves with the later stages of the industrial revolution. A film study of Charly Chaplin’s “Modern Times” will conclude this term’s history of the industrial revolution.



11:40 am - 1:10 pm
$95.00 – $104.00
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Jane Brennan