The following information has been prepared to assist those who would like to organise events but are unsure of what needs to be considered. Please note that these are guidelines only.

Each event is unique and the organizer of the event needs to
consider all aspects of the event.
This is not a definitive “how to” information sheet.
An event can be an excursion, a workshop or some other o
ne off event. An event can also be
held regularly. For example, weekly gymnastics class or
monthly park play.
How do I begin to organise an event?

Contact the education officer (if the place you wish t
o attend has one)

Tell the education booking officer you wish to make a scho
ol booking.

If there is no education officer, find the relevant cont

You might need to explain that you are looking for school
rates as these are school
aged children. Some places have difficulty in accepting t
hat home educated children
should receive school rates. You might need to explain wh
at home education is to them.
Questions to ask

What is the minimum number of children required to book this

How many free adult entries will you receive

Cost for the extra adults

Position regarding younger kids. Excursion might be for
5 years plus, what about the
younger kids there? Can they be present? Will they b
e charged? Are they included
in the number of children coming? For example, if 30 childr
en are booked to attend a
show, does this mean 30 school aged children? Or, are pres
choolers included in this number?

When is payment due and how

What is the last day you can cancel the booking and not be

How is that cost determined – actual numbers on the day or
booked numbers

Days and times available.
Book the event

Bookings can be made in your name. If you are requesting i
nsurance through the HEA
you must cite “Home Education Association Inc” as the
organization. You then list
yourself as the contact person and ask that any mail, et
c be sent to your address

Confirm the date, time and cost with the booking officer

Ask when they need final numbers/cancellation

Decide if the event will be listed as an HEA event whi
ch means the HEA provides
the insurance cover. If you choose to not use the HEA yo
u might want to
check the insurance position with the booking officer. T
he organiser needs to be an
HEA member to get the insurance cover.
This document was prepared by the SHEN Committee on 30 Septe
mber, 2011. I
t supercedes all previous