Does your child struggle with reading and writing? 1 hour, 1-1 with a certified Orton-Gillingham* tutor 2 times a week is all that it could take for your child to learn to read or write at age appropriate levels.

Highly individualized NSW K-10 Syllabus aligned Multi-sensory Structured Assessment 60 minute lessons 5 minute parent-tutor time Email lesson summaries *Orton-Gillingham(OG) is one of the most proven language-based methods for teaching students with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia, to read and write.

This theory combines multi-sensory techniques along with the structure of the English language. Those items taught include: phonemes and morphemes, such as prefixes, suffixes, and roots. Common spelling rules are introduced as well. Multi-sensory education incorporates the three learning pathways, which are: auditory, kinesthetic, and visual.

This approach is beneficial not only for students with dyslexia, but for all learners. The Australian Dyslexia Association offers a thorough explanation of the OG approach and also considers it the “golden standard to assist ALL children including children who have been identified with dyslexia or a related difference”

Area: Sutherland Shire
Address: 10/637 Princes Hwy, Blakehurst NSW 2221, Australia
Cost: $70
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