The Sydney Home Education Network (SHEN) is a non-profit support group for home educators in the Sydney and greater Sydney region.

The purpose of SHEN is to facilitate communication and interaction amongst home educators and to make it easier to organise events for our children.

Our very modest membership fees are used to enable large events to be organised and to fund the SHEN website.

Large events such as performances and athletics and swimming carnivals and bulk ticket purchases (at discounted rates) can be financially risky for individuals to organise.  Membership fees create a pool of money that can be used to pay deposits or any shortfalls.

In some cases, SHEN members have been able to negotiate access to resources normally only available to children in school, with SHEN acting as our “school”.

On the SHEN website, members of the home educating community can:

  • Advertise their events, services and groups
  • Find activities for their children, support and social groups and educational services and resources.

The website is a central hub for our community to share and find resources.  Members are encouraged to add their events, groups and services to the website for the benefit of other home educating families.


SHEN does not warrant that events listed on this website are covered by insurance. Events that are covered by insurance from the Home Education Association Inc (HEA) are listed on the HEA website:

SHEN is a non-funded support group run exclusively by home educating parents who volunteer their time to SHEN.