Sydney Home Education Network (SHEN)

Last updated 8 January 2010. This document replaces all previous versions.

The SHEN Code of Conduct applies at all SHEN Events.


1.1 The Sydney Home Education Network (“SHEN”) is a support group for its home educating members living in the Greater Sydney area. Members pay an annual membership fee which entitles them to access information on the SHEN website, including details of events organised by the SHEN committee
and fellow SHEN members;

1.2 The SHEN committee organises nine monthly events each year (“SHEN event”), excluding January, April and December, for school aged children accompanied by parents or caregivers who are at least eighteen years of age. The purpose of these SHEN events is to give children of primary and secondary school age, access to educational presentations across a broad range of learning areas for a minimal cost. Pre-school aged children are also welcome to attend SHEN events, at no cost, unless specified otherwise and provided they do not cause disruption to the presentation;

1.3 This Code of Conduct (“the Code”) has been prepared for the guidance of persons attending a SHEN event. It has been developed through feedback received from event presenters, SHEN members and th
eir children. The Code assumes that members, and pending members, who apply to attend a SHEN event have read and understood the conditions of attendance as set out in the event notification; and

1.4 Parents/caregivers attending a SHEN event must sign the attendance register, thereby acknowledging that they have understood and will abide by the Code.


2.1 If a parent/caregiver leaves the presentation venue, they will nominate on the attendance register a supervisor, who is at least eighteen years of age, to take responsibility for their children. The supervisor will also be required to sign the register;

2.2 Parents/caregivers and nominated supervisors will supervise their children to ensure their safety and will encourage their children to behave with respect for all venue property and persons present; and

2.3 In particular, parents/caregivers and nominated supervisors will:

  • abide by any reasonable direction given by a SHEN committee member or volunteer, given that person’s corporate responsibility for the venue and hirer’s requirements, and their legal responsibility to provide a safe environment for all present;
  • report immediately to a SHEN committee member or volunteer any damage to the venue or its facilities, whether accidental or deliberate, for which they or their children are responsible, and will meet any residualrepair or replacement costs of such damage;
  • clean up any litter, spills or other mess created by themselves or their children within the precincts of the venue; and
  • be aware of the life-threatening allergies that some persons may have to nut products (including products labelled “may contain traces of nuts”), and specifically they and their children will:
    1. endeavour to avoid the consumption of nut products before attending SHEN events and, if unavoidable, will endeavour to remove all traces of such products from their persons (SHEN requests brushing of teeth and washing of hands);
    2. endeavour not to bring to SHEN events any nut products, including tree nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds in any form. That includes many brands of hommos;
    3. in the event that nut products, or products labelled as above, arebrought to SHEN events, will pack up and remove any remains completely.

2.4 SHEN does not warrant that attendance at events does not pose an allergy risk to participants. Parents and children need to take care if they have allergies.


3.1 “Pre-schoolers” (unless specified otherwise) may watch the presentation with school aged children, and may sit with them; and

3.2 All persons present will ensure that they and any children for whom they are responsible will:

  • endeavour not to consume food and drink (except water) within the presentation area;
  • endeavour to keep unnecessary noise and chatting to a minimum;
  • turn off or “silence” their mobile phone during the presentation; and
  • leave the presentation area if their child is disrupting the presentation by crying or otherwise.


4.1 For SHEN events at Regents Park Community Hall venue, parents/caregivers and nominated supervisors, in addition to the above commitments, will ensure that they:

  • wash up after using any kitchen facilities;
  • endeavour to leave the hall in a tidy and clean state.


5.1 SHEN reserves the right to deny entry to any person to a SHEN event, and to request a person to leave an event due to misconduct;

5.2 Although efforts are made to ensure SHEN events are suitable for the advertised audience, SHEN is not responsible for the content or quality of any material presented; and

5.3 The SHEN Committee reserves the right to amend the Code at any time, and will notify its members by email when amendments are made.